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Website Audit & Performance Tools

Website audit and performance tools

The website audit tool can help boost the rankings of your site by quickly identifying SEO issues for you to resolve.

Schedule the website audit tool to run automatically, enabling you to focus your time and marketing in other directions.

Create and share website audit reports with your clients and colleagues providing detailed information.

Website performance is essential, and the website audit tool in the marketing dashboard can help keep your site on track.


Schedule website audits to identify technical issues.

Regular website audits can help boost a website above the competition

The website audit tool is a fantastic addition to the marketing dashboard providing insightful information to help you manage and maintain your website to the highest standard possible.

From the marketing extensions section, you can add Google Lighthouse, providing even more information about your website’s performance.

Use the advanced marketing reports tool to create stunning detailed reports regarding the site’s performance and schedule them to save time.

Insightful Information

Help maintain your website to the highest standards by analysing any technical issues reported.

Website Audit Reports

Create and schedule website audit reports to download and send to clients and colleagues.

Marketing Dashboard Extensions

Google Lighthouse is a great addition to the marketing extensions panel, providing even more information in one marketing platform.

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