Marketing Reports

Build marketing reports for you and your clients SEO campaigns

Create marketing reports that stand out from the crowd with full-colour reports that are easy to understand.

Don’t waste time exporting data to spreadsheets before making changes. Build a visual representation using the marketing data from your dashboard.

Use the drag & drop interface to include relevant information like keyword rankings, backlink campaigns, website performance and more.

Create marketing reports in just one click with the marketing report template builder.

The advanced report builder has a variety of pre built marketing report templates that you can use and customise further to match your clients needs.

With templates ranging from local SEO reports, Facebook Ads and keyword rankings to detailed marketing report booklets, your sure to find what you need.


Build your own marketing report or use and customise one of the pre-built marketing templates.

Fully automated "drag & drop" marketing report builder

After creating your marketing reports, you can schedule your reports to run automatically, saving you time building monthly or weekly reports.

You can create multiple reports for scheduling or combine all the marketing information in on PDF booklet.

The marketing reports “drag & drop” interface makes it quick and straightforward to alter your report’s content and structure.

Create additional pages to inform your clients or colleagues about changes you have made and how the marketing campaign is performing. 

Drag & Drop Report Builder

Use the drag & drop marketing report builder dashboard to customise your reports.

Automated Marketing Reports

Schedule your marketing reports to run automatically daily, weekly or monthly.

Create & Export Unlimited Reports

Create unlimited marketing reports for downloading or emailing to your clients and colleagues.

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