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Backlink Reporting Dashboard

Backlink reporting and tracking dashboard feature

The backlink reporting tool helps track your link building campaigns to see how they perform and build backlink reports to export.

Quickly identify backlinks that may be harming your SEO campaign and help target new positive backlinks providing more opportunities to boost your sites rankings.

Backlink tracking data is updated daily providing vital backlink information helpful in analysing your backlink campaigns.

Build in-depth reports and schedule them weekly or monthly to save you time. Backlink reports can contain as much or as little data as you need.


Keep track of all your backlink data in one SEO dashboard

Backlink Analysis Reporting Dashboard

Don’t waste time checking individual backlinks to determine the quality. Use the backlink tracker to see a visual representation of your backlink campaigns.

With a full breakdown of your backlink profile, you can track vital metrics like trust flow, citation flow and backlink removals.

Use visual graphs to get a quick snapshot of your backlink profiles with comparisons like follow and no-follow, image vs text links and new vs lost.

Track new and lost links and compare them to previous periods so you can see the progress of your backlink campaign.

Backlinks Updated Daily

Backlink statistics are updated daily helping track your backlink campaigns more efficiently.

Vital Backlink Metrics

Track vital metrics like trust flow & citation flow to help maintain a quality backlink profile.

Backlink Tracking Reports

Select any date range available to see data for that period and export them or schedule weekly or monthly reports.

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